Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls) App Reviews

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So bad

It was not even fun for a second I was so happy new app sounds like fun but it was a waste of space so many ads and everything costs money you can't even complete a level cus you have to buys stuff to I did not even want to give it one star




Way to many unnecessary ads and requirements just to play


This game is so fun you can play this all day

This app is so good for young kids

The best app ever

Pretty good

It's a pretty good app my sisters like it.


I can't even shave the guys beard on the first level. It says it's locked and it's trying to make me pay $6.99 I think NOT

Great game


To much

To pushy asking me to rate it it gets annoying and too many adds also shouldn't have to watch a video every time I need to use one of the tools

The worst game ever

The fact that u have to pay $6.99 for only 6 more levels is just the worst thing in the world

Good game

This game is fine but I wish Avery thing was unlocked 😉😉😉


it's fun but only if you pay and there's a lot of ads


Fun and cute game to play to kill time

Too many ads

Too many ads


Game is decent. Not the most fun considering every time you need to do something you have to watch a video.

Don't bother.

This is ridiculous. I don't mind watching ads and I don't mind paying for games I enjoy. But to have to watch a video before you use EVERY tool is absurd. I deleted this piece of crud after 30 seconds.

The game is good

My nephew plays the game and he's so smart he loves it


This is a bad game I can only use one thing before having to buy something it has so many adds worst game EVER


It was alright


Toooo many ads just to play

Very good app

If you are looking for a hair saloon this good

Video games

Best game in the world


So cool

Would Give It 0 If Possible 🤢

Ok, thought this game would be something very boring in the first place. Was eh the first 3 levels but makes you watch an ad every 2nd and 6th step. Can't go on anymore without paying. Exactly what another review said: "Pay or Don't Play" 💅

Too many ads

Too many ads in this game.


It's ok I guess 👍


Very fun.


This game is stupid. Can't do anything without watching ads every 5 seconds. Producers clearly just want to swindle money out of people. Would not recommend!! Is there a game out there that doesn't require in app purchases to have fun?




It's ok to be a kids game and should be completely free

It's a good

I like this app


I've just started playing but the game is pretty fun so far .


This game is boring and you can make it more fun just to tell you I mean that you could like it but this game is boring I'm going to delete it I don't think I want to get this game ever again


Too many ads and won't stop asking for a review

Kind of good

Too Many ads


Awsome game so fun😇😊

Have to unlock WVERYTHING BUY PAYING to make it fun



They constantly ask for a review it's annoying I can't even really rate this cause I didn't even start the game yet because the so annoying


The best

Fun game

To many ads and is always asking for help so I did it lol it very fun gammmeeee love it

Great game

Love to play this game

Yeah it's was ok

It's ok


It's a bit annoying because ads won't stop and I can't shave the man


They should let people know you have to buy almost everything or watch a video who wants all the advertisements coming up .

Don't recommend

Annoying. Have people buy the app instead of marketing it as free just to have to pay for everything the second you try to play. Also was annoying being asked to rate the game every second.


Only scissors to start with....

Worst game ever

Horrible u have to watch adds the whole game I mean they have so many sponsors


great app




It's fun not the best but it's fun thanks

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