Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls) App Reviews

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Very slow but fun

There's a 0 star for a (couple) reasons....

Once I started, the stupid app showed me were to go. Once I finishined the guy , I couldn't do any thing. (I had to tap 1star to put the review on here




Not my favorite


Complete waste of a game. Obviously the devs just wanted to make a quick buck, but knew their game wasn’t good enough to get them any money. NOTHING is free, even the first tools require either money or an ad to use. DO NOT GET. Ads run rampant.

Didn’t purchase a thing

I didn’t purchase anything but it said I did and charged a fee


I got this game for my kid because i thought that this would be a good game for hime but no the ads in the game are ridiculous you cannot do anything without there being an ad there

Bad game

This game is lame u have to pay for the levels and tools


This app is the worst app ever. After I got it all there is is scissors you have to buy every thing else. Do NOT get it!!!

Not so good

You would need to buy everything in order to complete the level. I do not recommend it.


Shaving is so fun so cmon everyone.i could play this game for hours I love this game.

Okay so..

Honestly It feels REALLY WEIRD to shave this person. I hate the unfree tools. And it feels cringey. Sorry.


It doesn’t even let me get anything but scissors

This could be fun.

When I saw this game I was thinking it would be a fun game to play randomly, but right when I opened the app instantly there was a reminder that said to give a review. Then there was an ad. After every time you “helped” someone then came another ad. Also in order to use Certain tools you had to either watch a video, pay money for just that one tool, or pay money for all of the tools. I get that you need to have ads to get sponsors but there are WAY to many of them. I strongly advise you not to play this game.


It’s awesome to play


If you want to play this game your going to have to pay $6.99. Don’t make something free if your gonna make trash like this. What a shame.

Adds as soon as too open the app????

Don’t waste time downloading this, you can’t can access the game the first time without watching an add. Very poor on developers part.

This game Is awesome

Great game

Not very fun

The game looks fun from the pictures but it is just a shaving game


It’s ok




There are a little to many adds and a lot of things that pop up also it makes me sooooo mad when you have to buy tools you need cause if you can’t buy them then your just going to end up deleting the game. That’s just something I wanted to point out.

Kids salon shave

I like it because there is a lot to learn from this game so please also write a review

Good game

This game is so awesome it’s pretty cool too


This game includes everything a barber would contain i could play this for hours this is so cool

OMG I’m on it all the time

It’s fun and never gets old


It says pay when it was made for kids like you suppose they gunna ask there parent for there credit card and be like run it hands in the air

They just want you’re money

This app is really bad it makes you pay for unnecessary stuff they just want you’re money don’t download this you can’t use the tools with out watching a ad & only way to get the tools you have to pay you’re money which I’m not doing !


This game is great love it🙂🙂🙂🙂



The worst game

This game is ok

Fun, but........

The first 3 levels are really fun and free but after that you have to pay. ☹️☹️☹️

Honestly what a disappointment...

WAYYY TOO MANY ADS!!! Such a scam!


It has so many ads whenever I shave there’s a ad and I press x and there’s another ad




The tools are not free you have to watch an ad every time or pay $7.00 and that is to much just get a game I mean come on!

Amazing game

This. Game is awesome but fun at same time


So I started to play this game because I was bored and my son wanted to download it to my phone. There was an add every 10 seconds, I got the pop up to rate the app before we ever started the game, you have to pay to get all tools, and it only goes up to level 3. So I cave and buy the complete package for $6.99 to get all the tools and levels. It only goes up to level 9!!! That’s it! I paid $7 to play the same levels over and over! More levels need to be added. This was a waste of money.


Accidentally purchased the 6.99 in app and tried contacting support but the link provided goes to an amazon website ? horrible game horrible don’t even download you can’t do anything smh

Critical for reasons

It is a pushy game with way to many ads they should take them down and also they should make every level free I mean what if you can’t afford to purchase the other levels or other things you might as well delete they game if they won’t let you have what you want. Otherwise it’s an okay game I guess

Must read super helpful

The game was good I wish less things cost real life Money and less ads this comment is mostly negative but there are many good things too

This game is bollony

I hate this game soooo much it’s soo annoying and too many adds I wish there were a 0 star because that’s what is would be 😠

No zero star option, game is terrible

I paid 3.99$ because I was extremely bored and this game looked fun but in order to complete the first level you’d have to watch a bunch of ads not to mention there are ads that pop up as soon as you click on the game, and I paid 3.99$ just to unlock all the tools just to play three levels and then have the game tell me I have to pay 6.99 to get rid of ads, unlock all tools and levels or pay another $4.99 to unlock the levels. It’s stupid and I honestly want my money back. If I would have known that I could only play three levels I wouldn’t have paid to get all the tools. It was pointless. Terrible game. I want my money back.


This game is so fun and keeps you distracted for a while

Just trying to give this horrible game a worse average rating

Bad game deserves a bad rating. 👎👎👎👎👎

Really good

This game is really good I love it the tools are cute the characters are pioliet

No 0 stars

Horrible it makes you pay for everything you can only play not even one level

Bad app

It has loading problems

So greedy

There are way too many ads and pop ups on this game. It would have been fun if they weren’t such greedy click bait people

Good I guessed

It’s okay

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