Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls) App Reviews

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This game would be so much better if there we're no ads

Don't like it too much ads


You have to buy everything except for the scissors don't download


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This has way to many adds. You have to buy levels and tools to play. I don’t recommend this. But for the 3 levels you can play it’s alright 🙁😑


I had this game for 5 minutes and got so bored. This is just my opinion but try the game out, see what you think.




This wasn't that good because well it just wasn't

Ad filled

The ads and money to unlock everything make this game annoying do not recommend


It a good game


Waaaaay to many ads. Unplayable

Kids shave salon i

The new update is so much more fun than it has been a good idea for a good game and it has some good features and I would recommend this app for anyone to play or have fun with friends and family.


Just doing this because it kept asking for it?! So not so great


so dumb all this app wants is money.

It’s ok

It’s ok


You have to pay for all the materials you have you can only use one item (scissors) the rest you have to buy or watch an add to use it once it was very upsetting I don’t suggest you download to your phone just a waste of space

Too many ads

There are too many ads. You shouldn’t have to purchase the tools to do the job. This is supposed to be a kids game. But they have to ask parent to purchase things to complete a task.


It has OVERLOAD of ads and you have to purchase level 4 to play the rest of the game I think I don’t know cause I CAN GET PAST LEVEL 4

Terrible don't buy rip off

This game is terrible I wish I never bought it I think I'm gonna return it stupid can only get to level three without having to pay don't get it

I don't want you back

Please don't tell my story about my life and you are my favorite part because you don't know how much of my family and friends are going through with my family but I'm just so proud to have a good family that preys a lot more than my life.😡😡😮😮😔😔😖😤😖😤😎😎😕😐☹️😤🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😖😶😖😫😕😕🤡😤😟🤡😒🤡☹️😠😖🙁😤😫😯😲😱😨😱😱

Always Strings-It’s A Kids Game😏 Mabey Single Dad’s Enjoy This With Thier Girl

It would be A GREAT GAME FOR DADS, Especially Dads WHOM May Be Single Etc. And Without The Strings Attached It’s A Kids Game? Come On Guys, Really? Buy For A Shave App? 😮No Wonder Iv Had A Beard For XXVIXII


Holy poop that’s a crap ton of ads


Best game ever absolutely love it

Lots of ads

Hard to plat cause lots of ads

No good

Too much stuff that costs money; too many adds. This would be a great game if there weren’t so many ads and tools that cost money.


This app won't let me go to the next level because it says that you have to pay for it but I don't want to but that is the only way to get to the next level or you can get me to the next level please and thank you .!


It is an ok game


This game is crap u have to buy buy buy every thing

Super kool boi

ThIs GaMe HRLPs meh shaveee in ReAL life!!😱 AmAhzInG. It ALso has CuReD me pepememe dIsEaSe!😀


This game is So DAD it makes me 🤢


I got the $8 ad on but there were only 10 levels. I would request this app to other people if it has more levels. But now I am now going to request it to anyone. Also don't be too greedy with the adds. No one is going to get the app if it has so many adds. If you really need more money make the app a dollar then have less adds, more levels, and better graphics.






Can't even play the game zero stars of course they target the kids games


You should make everything free

It's a fun game.

It's a fun game.


Like the game, but wish it wasn't so glitchy


It’s great

Y can't I go pass the levels

It will let u go past level 1 and after 2 it won't let u go pass the fricken levels😠😡

Fun game

Fun game while on breaks at work


It’s amazzzing




Just doing this for free stuff

Love it

Love this game

Not worth it

Ads pop up almost every 5 secs it seems like. You have to watch a video like twice a level just to use some of the tools. It feels like they are trying to pressure you into buying the game by annoying you with unnecessary pop ups.


This is a fun kid game, but would like better music.

Too. Many. Ads.

If you're looking to play a game, I strongly suggest you look for another to download. This game will waste your time with unwanted ads.

Ashlyn cope

I love the gameplay

Awesome but not awesome enough

This doesn't give you more than two tools at first


This game is clearly meant for kids. When you get into the game, you play for about 5 seconds and then it hits you with an in app purchase. Come on, really? You can't even get a chance to test out the game without paying for it. This is meant for kids and the developers clearly just tried to play off that, but this was extreme. How can this even be an app? Play the game for 5 seconds then ads pop up all over your screen and you are either forced to pay or you just delete the app. Happy to see so many bad reviews on this terrible app.

Too much ads

You have to watch an ad to unlock a thing

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