Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls) App Reviews

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Much fun shaving my bush

Like waxing my hot box

There’s No 0 Star Option.

This app looked really fun from the little preview I saw of it. It was just a simple game you could play for no reason/ if you were bored but this games got SO much stuff going on before you finish a level it’s insane. It pops up an ad before I’ve had the chance to even OPEN the app and see a second of the opening page. Then, there’s a pop up to write a review before I’ve so much as clicked the word play. Next, if you want to use the products they have provided for every level you have to do one of three things. Purchase everything, which costs about $6.99 and it’s a complete joke, pay for the product separately which I’m guessing is 99¢, and then there’s an option to watch an ad. Now between the time the game opened and the time I finished level one I watched about five ads. In my option, that’s excessive! Especially having to watch an ad before the game even starts and thinking I’m gonna pay $6.99 to delete the ads along with whatever the ‘unlock everything’ package has to offer. It’s a terrible game. Runs slow, isn’t all that fun, and there’s too many ads and pop ups. It’s hard to enjoy a game with so much happening.


Entirely to many ads.


You can’t even play one level to see if you like the game without it asking you seven hundred times to rate the game and making you watch videos and trying to get you to buy stuff. I won’t even have it installed for more than 10 minutes; what garbage.


At the start you have to buy all this stuff like just let us play the game

It's okay...

This app is okay because you have to buy the next levels. I rate this app as three stars. If the creators of this app could please let people who play this NOT buy the next levels that would be great!


I hate this game 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮💩💩


What?? To even play the game u have to spend money like no🤔


Way to many adds you can’t do anything without clicking on an add also it’s under the wrong age category I’m 12 and it looks like it’s for a three year old.

Not worth the download

Not worth the time it took to download the game I got this game for lil cousins to play when I babysit them not knowing I had to buy everything before they could actually get to play the game it was a waste of time I’m not going to spend money on a game as soon as it loads maybe if you could do a couple of levels before it made you buy everything then it would be worth it


First you had to watch ALL these adds to get ALL the tools you needed. Second you could no even play it. I would just go back to the home page and it would take probably an hour to load. P.S. I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

Just bad I don’t know what to say

So first of all waaay to many ads second of all you can’t get anything even if it says get free last but not least how does this have 3.6 stars cause so many people got it that it adds up to that don’t get this game if you want to have fun cause you won’t I deleted this game as soon as I got it it’s a total waist of time

No title

This is a great game but to much adds


So terrible. First level, you can’t even do because you have to pay $6.99 to even get the tools to do it. Don’t waste you’re time.


This app has soooo much annoying things but I really would love it if it didn’t have so many ads


This game has to many ads and you have to either purchase the full app or watch a video every twenty seconds



Money Srsly🙄

This game is annoying bc you have to pay every level to get the stuff. It would be a good game if you did not have to 💰 pay. Especially the adds so this is my review on paying.😡🤬🤯😤🙄

Great Game ‼️

Awesome But Have To Pay For Full Edition‼️


When I need to get a thing for free, they never have ads. They just say connection error and I can't move on. But otherwise it's OK.

Just no

Anyone who doesn't like to waste time watching adds should not download every five seconds to continue the game is another add and to get rid of the adds is four dollars and that is a ridiculous price of a game that is not really that much fun maybe for like ten minutes tops but just so slow and boring it's not worth it!!!!

Shea’Drianna Williams

This shave game is so much fun


You have to pay for EVERYTHING

String strings strings

Can't get a decent shave in this town because everything is for sale. It's goofy and mildly entertaining.


I love this app! It is fun not to hard to play. I let my kids play it and they love it. I just love that it is free and it’s awesome! Thanks shaving app!!!!!:)


I can’t even use the second item on the first level without having to buy it. That’s just BS


It is ok not the best though.

Nice game

BUY IT!!!!!!

Great games

Very exciting game to play

UGHHHHHHH (Its pretty long read till end)

I was looking at cooking games and I saw this and I was like what the heck is this and I thought it would be funny if I got it so I did and the second I got on there to the first level it already asked me to buy something for $7 and so I was really mad so I came on here to write a review and here’s another thing about it ever like single minute it’s asking you to tell if you like it or not so unless you really want to pay the money for it don’t get I don’t recommend it.


Because your going to have to pay for everything

The game

I like the game because it's fun

This app is terrible

You can only play three levels and use 3 tools with out buying the complete version. It won’t even tell you how much the full version is. It’s also boring anyway, so buying the full version would probably be one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made.

What a nice game

This a wonderful game to play when your bored ☺️❣️

Like it but how can I get the thing I need

Like it


Fun game!too many ads though

Terrible just terrible



It’s a good time waster.


It’s a really fun game


Just got this game bc I was bored and I’m twelve so if a five year old wants to be a beautician good for them but if they know what that means I think they should start to play big kid games 🤯😘😹😵


There is was to many adds, and it's a free game they have to make money some how, but because the game has so many adds the game takes to long to actually play. And on top of that you have to purchase some levels!! If you don't want adds you have to pay, then you get all the tools, levels, and you get no adds. Honestly I don't think I would ever spend money on a game like this just because it's low quality.



great game

weirdly addictive lol fun to play when there’s nothing to do


I don’t see the point in you having to pay to unlock levels I downloaded this but regret because you have to pay to play most of the game

Not worth it!

This game has entirely too many ads and pop ups asking for you to buy turns.

So amazing

This app is awsome I love it I hope you make more apps like it thanks


I hate this game. It’s horrible

It's good

I wish you didn't have to pay for everything!

So cool

You did good

Way to many adds

Way too many adds. It would be way more fun if they did not limit you to a certain amount of tools. Than to use them once they make you watch a 30 sec ad. Very disappointed.

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